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Help us reduce black maternal mortality rates.

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Join us in our mission to support 50 doulas this year.

How much different is the birthing experience when you have a strong support system before, during, and after pregnancy? How would the state of maternal mental health be affected with new moms having someone to focus and care about them during the postpartum period aka "The 4th Trimester?" 

Due to the maternal health care crisis in this country, these are questions that many new mothers do not have the opportunity to ask. Even moreso for black mothers who experience maternal mortality rates 3-4x higher than other races. 

We need more culturally competent birth workers.

Many women often receive different standards of care determined by their race, insurance, and location. Many doulas ( for little or no pay) work with women to level the racial bias playing field, advocate for and decrease risks for women as they navigate birth experiences.


" Doulas are increasingly important as obstetric team members, along side obstetricians, midwives, and nurses to help decrease the maternal mortality rate for women of color in the U.S."

Madeline Sutton, OBGYN, Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta

Imagine a world where mothers have access to care where they can be provided advocacy, care, and support during one of the most critical times of their lives. With the support of a doula many women can forgo epidurals, avoid cesarean births, and have overall less stressful pregnancies. 

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All mothers deserve the opportunity to feel comfortable during their pregnancy, get the proper postpartum support, and most importantly survive the dangers of pregnancy to be able to bond and raise the children they brought into this world. Here is your chance to help improve the maternal mortality crisis in our country. When you give $50, you are making sure one more WOC can get their doula certification and expand the reach of proper maternal health care in our communities. 

Thank you.
There are ways you can help expand our impact


2 month supply of diapers 


Virtual Postpartum support for a week


In person Postpartum support for a week


birth doula support for a week


In person birthing and postpartum support 

Donate Now.

Help us support 50 doulas this year.

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