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The Mom Support program is where virtual volunteers are matched with new mothers who need additional support and assistance during the postpartum period. The volunteers can provide emotional support, practical help, and resources to help new mothers adjust to life with a newborn. This program consists of Mom Besties & Virtual Baby Shower

Mom Besties pairs volunteers with mothers who need emotional support and community in a mentor friendship setting. Our volunteers are trained to provide emotional support, practical guidance, and companionship to mothers who may be experiencing isolation or stress. Our goal is to create a supportive network of women who can uplift and encourage each other through the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Our Virtual Baby Shower program allows mothers to submit items they need for their pregnancy and newborn baby via registries. Volunteers can then select items from the registries and send them directly to the mothers, providing them with the essential items they need for their new arrival. Our goal is to support mothers who may be experiencing financial hardship or difficulty accessing resources, and ensure that they have the necessary items to provide for their newborns.

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