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MomBAE X Westbrook Media Are Casting Pregnant Women!

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Black Maternal Health Victories

Black women have been at risk to experience maternal mortality in this country since the beginning of history. With mortality rates 3-4x higher than other races, organizations such as The MomBAE Movement have made it their mission to not only bring awareness to the cause but to reduce the number of maternal deaths.

As the fight for maternal health equality prevails, we applaud the significant victories such as The Momnibus Act which builds on existing maternal health legislation with 12 bills to address the clinical and nonclinical drivers of the maternal health crisis in the United States comprehensively.

In just 2021 Vice President Kamala Harris announced a call of action to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. According to the Administration, these efforts include:

  • a historic $3 billion investment will be made in maternal health,

  • the release of guidelines to help states provide 12 months of continuous postpartum coverage through Medicaid which is up from 60 days,

  • creating a new designation of the quality of maternal health services for US hospitals,

Casting Call Details

With so many moves to bring awareness to the black maternal healthcare crisis. MomBAE is excited to announce that we are looking for women to cast for a docu-series about Black Maternal Health. This series will be produced by Westbrook Media, founded by Will & Jada Smith.

We are looking for black mamas who are:

  • 3-5 months pregnant

  • Reside in Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia

Who is experiencing one or more of the following situations:

  • Delivering at a birthing center

  • Delivering in a hospital

  • Utilizing community resources for maternal care

  • Does not trust current OBGYN

  • Actively sought care from a black doctor

  • Switched medical providers due to bias or discrimination

  • Partner validates concerns about not being taken seriously by a doctor

  • Plan on hiring a doula for birth and postpartum care

If this is you or someone you know, please email


Contact Info

Social Media Links

A short message sharing your pregnancy experience so far

Women selected will be compensated.

*Applications and casting have been closed*

Questions or Want to help?

please send an email at


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